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Nilambur is a city in Malappuram district. Nilambur is in the path to become a municipality . Now Nilambur is a special grade block panchayat and head quarters of Nilambur taluk . Nilambur road is one of the main railway station in Kerala. Nilambur is a main trade center for its surrounding villages .
The town of Nilambur is famous for the Nilambur Vettekaran Pattu held every year in the Nilambur Kovilakom temple. Nilambur is also home to the oldest teak plantations in the world. It is claimed that the world's tallest or biggest teak tree is in the Nilambur Teak Preserve. Nilambur is also famous for its bamboos. The word Nilambur means place of Nilimba (Sanskrit word for Bamboo).

Places of interest

Nedumkayam in the Nilambur reserve forest, where one can have a close look at the elephant camp run by the forest department.
Giant teak, as the oldest/largest teak is referred to. A part of the oldest teak plantation is retained here
Teak Museum maintained by the Forest department, giving additional information about teak, and the forest produce in general
Adyan Para waterfalls situated a few kilometers away on the other side of the Chaliyar river.
Manjeeri Colony A colony built by government for 'Cholanayikkas' - one of the ancient tribals of human race, still many living in caves in deep forest away from civilisation.
Elephant Training Centre It was here where elephants poached from forest were trained. Huge wooden cages can still be seen though poaching has been banned.
Banglavu Kunnu the place Chandakkunnu also deserves many happenings in the history. Banglavu Kunnu (Bungalow Hill) is famous for its winding road where ayurvedic herbs are planted on both the sidesto the officers cottages for British Officers(Now it is a forest range office).The sight seeing spot the river chaliyar (zig zags ) we can see from the top of Narippara. The place is 3 Km away from Nilambur Town.

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Kerala Insights

The Teak Museum: Four kilometres away from the town, on the Nilambur - Gudallur roadside stands the world's first Teak Museum. In the Teak Museum, a visitor can have a first hand information on all aspects of teak. Established by the Kerala Forest Research Institute in collaboration with the Kerala Forest Department, it is thematic museum housing historical, cultural and aesthetic and scientific aspects of teak, all under one roof, arranged in the two storied building.

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