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Kerala People

As in the case of rest of South India, majority of the people of this state are also Dravidians. Hinduism is the principal religion with considerable percentages of Muslims and Christians. Christianity has a long history in this state, as it is believed that the first missionary from Europe landed on the coast of Kerala in the first millennium.
Kerala has hundred percent literacy and this has resulted in high health care and health awareness among the people. Here child mortality is lowest among Indian states and is comparable to those of developed countries.
The women in the state enjoys high social status mainly due to the historical matrilineal system where by property etc are transferred to females. Higher education and equal opportunities have further strengthened women's status in kerala's society

Kerala People
Traditional dress of Keralites: (From Left) 1. Saree and blouse worn by woman folk. Men wear white shirt and white mundu - Muslims tie it on their left side of the waist where as Hindus and Christian tie in on the right side of their waist. Small girls wear half pavada and long blouse.
2. Contemporary girls fashion include the north Indian dress salwar kameez.
3. Full skirt with long blouse used to be the traditional teenage dress of malayale girls. It is fast disappearing now.

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Kerala Insights

People in Kerala are more educated than in the rest of India and all Low-Income Countries (LICs). Kerala's literacy rate is higher than that of any Low-Income Country. The only countries in the Third World to have higher literacy are Cuba, Chile and Costa Rica.

Kerala Top Attractions

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Eravikulam National Park
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